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LAS VEGAS, Nev. / Ambitious, courageous, independent. Born leaders most effective when in a position of command. Leonis think and act bigger than others would normally dare; the ambitiousness of their schemes and idealism sometimes daunts their followers, and their practical hardheadedness reassures those who depend on them.

Does this sound like someone you know? It is. Sharron Angle‘s humble beginnings are a reflection of why she is fighting to serve the people of Nevada and the United States. Sharron Elaine Angle began her political quest for the rights of the people when standing up for the rights of her own son.

At age six, Angle’s son had fallen behind and was unable to graduate with the rest of his Kindergarten class. Seeing the depression in her son’s eyes, Sharron decided on home schooling. She was well-equipped to do so having been a substitute teacher for 25 years and running a small Christian School for two years. After learning the law required the child live at least 50 miles from a public school, Sharron marched straight to the courthouse to contest the rule. When the judge made an arrogant and unethical statement about ignoring the legislation, Sharron was appalled. Her political career–and quest to stand up for the average American–immediately began.

Sharron Angle quickly asserted herself as a woman of the people during her four terms in Nevada’s 42-seat Senate. She never voted pro-anything unless she believed it was right. “My votes were often unpopular because they weren’t the politically correct vote, they were the people’s vote,” she once told reporters. Sharron Angle voted against legislation so many times the result was often called “41 to Angle.”

Her voting record speaks volumes about her belief in the well-being of Americans and courage to fight political machines. Carrie Gallaghen, a working mom living in Henderson, said, “She is a role model for all women. She has shown she can stand-up to the egotistical men while still being a loyal wife and mother. She’s got my vote.”

Sharron Angle is also a member of the Republican Women of Reno, an organization she deeply believes in. Angle’s professional career also includes an investigator of sexual harassment and women’s rights advocate.

After successfully defending the people and trying to pass legislation in their best interest Sharron could be proud of her career and her close-knit family. Angle has 10 grandchildren with a range of activities to keep their grandmother busy. Between baking cookies, reading bedtime stories and occasionally running to target practice with her .44 Magnum, one may ask “Why take on the reprehensible Harry Reid?” Sharron has a response to this question: “My philosophy has always been [to] vote for principles, values, and ultimately for the people. I don’t believe Nevada has someone doing that right now, and I can’t let that go.”

These days it seems as though Sharron Angle may be the only one living up to her promises and standing up to Harry Reid. She is a teacher, a mother, a grandmother, and Nevada’s only hope.

Jillian Walsh, a Tea Party supporter and grassroots political rally organizer, is a freelance writer who lives in Carson City.


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