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Harry Reid US SenateThe following is a letter to ‘Your Politics News’ and its editors that we are publishing in its entirety:

Normally a struggling business turns to advertisement and cost cuts to get back on its feet. I have lived in Las Vegas for 26 years and I see our city and state as a struggling business. As a registered voter, mother, grandmother and out-of-work wife, I have prayed for change in our state and our spending.

Typically I don’t feel as though my vote is going to make much of a difference or that I have any good choices. This is just how I felt as this years’ candidates began their endless disgraceful television and radio ads bashing their opponents.

Harry Reid tried to portray Sharron Angle as extreme and simply put, crazy. Sharron Angle shined the light on Reid’s love affair of big spending and Wall Street.

At first I ignored both and figured I’d make a last minute snap decision. So for months I’ve been drowning out the “he/she bologna” and didn’t think a thing about either candidate.

That was until the night of the debate when my husband (God bless him) insisted on watching his hero, Harry Reid.

Having only one television in our small ranch and no current reading material, I was stuck. It was during that hour I had my first political epiphany.

Harry Reid has absolutely ruined the state of Nevada. There was no denial of his relationship with big banks and big money for himself and his family. Months ago I lost my job and when Reid made countless public announcements that he understood and was trying to improve our economy and was concerned I believed him.

Well the hell with that. Was he that concerned as he laid his head down that night in his luxurious Ritz Carlton condo? He struck me as old, frail, and a con. He tells us one thing and then admits, in front of hundreds of struggling Nevadans that he sides with Obama, he sides with banks and he sides with the government that is destroying social security and our economy.

The second thing that surprised me was Sharron Angle is not extreme and she certainly isn’t crazy. She was lied about and her words were manipulated, he however, was simply exposed.

Sharron Angle has a plan to give us hope, jobs and choices. She is also willing to stand-up to the people and companies that have contributed to our demise. She genuinely seems to care about us and couldn’t careless about “the big guys.”

After the debate was over my husband asked me if I had his [Reid’s] vote. Well then the argument started. I asked him how on earth he would support a man that has directly impacted our home in such negative ways. For heaven’s sake my daughter almost lost her home and if it hadn’t been for a miracle promotion and thirty extra hours of work a week, we’d have four more people crammed into my one bedroom ranch. His response was all the backing Reid has and he is in a position financially to help us.

He pointed out that Sig Rogish whom is a known Republican has began a organization to support Reid and he must be a great public servant if his opposing party was supporting him. Being the typical woman I am I was determined to win this argument so I immediately researched this Sig guy.

HA! Talk about corrupt. “Does the Desert Xpress mean anything to you” I said. Clearly this spoiled rotten, backstabbing millionaire wanted his little train built so he can make a few more million dollars and his relationship with Reid was the answer. My husband struggling for a response explained to me     exactly why a train was “needed.” 

As I read more about this whole high speed train deal it made less and less sense. The idea that Southern Californians who are already in their cars and driving up I-15 will pull off at Victorville (about 2.5 hours from the Strip) and take a train that will go maybe 60-70 MPH faster than they can drive?

A train that will drop them at the Plaza where they will have to hop a cab to the Strip? Which will get them to their hotel about the same time they would have if they just kept driving? No chance. Not to mention the train won’t be free and wherever you’ll need to leave your car won’t be free either.

And what happened to the $8-million Obama granted for high speed rail project such as Harry’s original plan of the Maglev?

He probably bought himself a Porsche and gave Nevada a few new garbage cans. In my opinion this is a money making deal for two greedy crooked men. With my husband speechless and me feeling quite proud of turning my small amount of knowledge into a valid and enraging point, I smiled and headed back to the internet for more job searching.

Later that night I got a sent an email from my Reid hating daughter and I laughed myself to sleep with this email and a feeling of finally being proud and content with my vote for Sharron Angle.

The email from my daughter:

“Mom here’s my thought’s on this crooks speech…

“Er, where’s my notes . . . er, lots of paper . . . er, colonoscopies . . . er, really good to snip that stuff off . . . er, tonight you heard what my opponents supports: big banks . . . what? we didn’t talk about that? . . . BP . . . she likes BP . . . no, wait, insurance companies . . . my dad was bigger than me . . . extreme her . . . fighter me . . . er, what else did that guy tell me say . . . Jobs! . . .that’s it, jobs, jobs . . . said it . . . good, good . . . small business . . . where am I? . . . er, thanks Mitch.”

Mary from Las Vegas, Nev.


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some casting ballots early are reporting voting problems in Nevada, saying the name of "Harry Reid" is already checked before they make any selection.

Some casting ballots early are reporting voting problems in Nevada, saying the name of "Harry Reid" is already checked before they make any selection.

With polls showing the race for the U.S. Senate in Nevada can go either way and less than a week before voters go to the polls in mass numbers, some casting ballots early are reporting voting problems in Nevada, saying the name of “Harry Reid” is already checked before they make any selection.

A report on KVVU, Fox in Las Vegas, talks about the Nevada voting problems, and mentions a voter named Joyce Ferrara, who had gone to vote to cast a ballot for Sharron Angle, a Republican, but discovered that the name of Angle’s opponent, Harry Reid, had been clicked instead.

Ferrara told the television station that she was not alone–that her husband and several others had similar experiences and it wasn’t random.

“Something’s not right,” Ferrara told KVVU. “One person that’s a fluke. Two, that’s strange. But several within a five minute period of time — that’s wrong.”

Other voters, no matter where their support was, told YOUR POLITICS NEWS that the election should be fair and any type of voter irregularity voting problem in Nevada is unacceptable.

“I support Harry Reid but I don’t want him to win like this,”  Cindy Jaffe from Henderson says. 

Jaffe would not reveal her name, but described herself as a ‘senior citizen’ who has voted for Harry Reid in the past.  But she says if this a widespread Nevada voting problem, she would look at it as a threat to democracy and to the system. 

“If the default is Harry Reid that’s disturbing because some people won’t go back and double-check.  Especially older voters like me.”

The Clark County Registrar of Voters insists there is no voter fraud and chalked up the Nevada voting problem issue to sensitive touch-screens and older users.

Nevada voting problems? Registrar reaction

“Especially in a community with elderly citizens (they have) difficulty in (casting their) ballot,” Larry Lomax of the Registrar’s office told KVVU.  “Team leaders said there were complaints (and the) race filled in.”

He recommended that voters pay close attention to what they are pushing and for how long they are holding down the button after they make a selection.

Lomax downplayed any insinuation that there is any tampering that would benefit Harry Reid or Sharron Angle.

“This election, I think, more than ever… the two sides are very fractured and each side is suspicious and we’re caught in the middle.”

One website is already suggesting that Sharron Angle file a lawsuit now over the irregularities.

“Sharron Angle should start filing the lawsuits right now. Then again, so should Harry Reid,” opined the website Truth-out.org.  “However, it might be a bit more difficult politically for the Senate majority leader, given the undeserved support Reid has shown in the past for Nevada’s 100 percent unverifiable, error-prone, hackable, illegally-certified, electronic voting systems the state forces all voters to use at the polling place.”

Nevada voting problems: Are there others?

In another development, a lawyer for the Nevada Republican Party called on Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller to investigate discrepancies and resolve multiple issues regarding early voting.

In a letter delivered yesterday, David O’Mara cites several discrepancies he says his poll watchers have noted in Clark and Washoe counties.

Voting logs that compare the number of voters who signed in and the number of ballots cast on the voting machines don’t appear to jive.

Voter registrars have said they are human transcribing errors and involve only one or two votes.  They insist the machines are not to blame.

The race for the U.S. Senate in Nevada is one of the most watched races this election cycle.  Not only is the race so close, but Harry Reid is the Senate Majority Leader, and as such is the highest ranking Democrat in the U.S. Senate.

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. / While Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink has slammed gubernatorial challenger Rick Scott over his connection to Medicare fraud, two of Florida’s most egregious cases of consumer fraud–and the unfolding of the nation’s most infamous Ponzi scheme–have happened with Sink at the helm.

Elected as the state’s CFO in 2006, Sink heads the Department of Financial Services which oversees 13 divisions, including insurance fraud investigation, consumer protection, hedge funds, and registered investment advisors. One of those advisors, convicted Ponzi scheme mastermind Bernie Madoff, admitted in 2008 to defrauding $50 billion from Florida investors. Twenty-five percent of the accounts Madoff managed belonged to Floridians, the South Florida Business Journal reported.

With Florida’s gubernatorial election four weeks away, critics point out Sink did nothing to stop the Ponzi locomotive that thundered through Florida on both coasts under her leadership. Certain Florida hedge fund managers had invested with Madoff, sentenced last year to 150 years in federal prison, and many voters wonder why Alex Sink failed to discover the fraud sooner. Earlier this year Fort Lauderdale attorney Scott Rothstein and Sarasota hedge fund manager Arthur Nadel pleaded guilty in unrelated schemes that defrauded consumers out of billions of dollars. The media even dubbed Nadel “mini-Madoff.”

Fred LaRosse, a Tampa-based Florida insurance agent, told Your Politics News that Alex Sink fought agents too hard when she should have kept a close eye on the likes of Rothstein and Nadel. 

“While she was trying to have insurance agents arrested for selling fixed annuities, Alex Sink missed the biggest financial fraud in history. And then there was Madoff,” LaRosse said. “Alex Sink’s department was responsible for regulating Bernie Madoff. If Sink couldn’t see fraud right in front of her, how could she ever run Florida as its governor?”

RealClearPolitics.com, a Chicago-based political poll tracker, projects Alex Sink with a 1.6-point lead over Republican challenger Rick Scott as of Sept. 22.

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. / Charlie Crist, who disenchanted the GOP when he left the party earlier this year to run for U.S. Senate as an independent candidate, hit the airwaves this week with a political ad featuring the governor fitting together giant letters from the words ‘Democrats’ and ‘Republicans’ to form ‘Americans.’

“As an independent, I will take the best ideas of Democrats and Republicans to get things done,” Crist says in the 30-second spot, before he launches the letter T across the room, a possible symbolic swipe at the GOP’s tea party movement supporters.

“The case can certainly be made that Charlie Crist is saying ‘to heck with the tea party’ through this ad,” Erica Lihne, an advertising consultant and strategist with a St. Petersburg-based firm, told Your Politics News.

Crist has steadily distanced himself from his former Republican base since he announced his independent run earlier this summer. What do you think? Your Politics News invites you to watch the Charlie Crist ad and take the poll.

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Steve Wynn's $20,000 contribution to Harry Reid in 2009


LAS VEGAS, Nev. / As part of its public requests for information that ties Sen. Harry Reid to questionable political players, Your Politics News submitted Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) paperwork for records to discover why the majority leader shows unbridled allegiance to his state’s gaming industry.   

Casino mogul Steve Wynn, who developed and built resorts including the Mirage, Treasure Island, and Bellagio, has contributed to Reid’s election campaigns for the last 25 years.  Wynn first gave to Reid in 1984 when the Democrat served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, campaign records show.   

In 2000 Wynn sold Mirage Resorts to MGM Grand Inc.  The sale created MGM Mirage, Reid’s biggest political donor with $153,900 in contributions since the beginning of the 2010 election cycle.  Last year Bloomberg News reported that Wynn expressed an interest in buying back some troubled MGM Mirage casinos.  And in Sept. 2009, Wynn made his largest single contribution to Harry Reid — $20,000.   

Harry Reid wants to win, and that means he needs Wynn,” said Graham Coyne, a media and political consultant based in Carson City. “His history with the gaming commission proves his dedication to bankrolling campaigns with casino cash.  And much of Nevada remains jobless all the while.”   

Reid chaired Nevada’s gaming commission from 1977 to 1981. He has served on the U.S. Senate since 1987, and will face GOP opponent Sharron Angle in November.   

Your Politics News filed the FOIA request to determine whether Reid violated campaign laws or promised political favors when he accepted contributions from MGM Mirage, as well as other gaming donors, including Harrah’s Entertainment and Boyd Gaming.

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RENO, Nev. / As the dangerous temperatures and humidity soared, the Bureau of Land Management rounded up thousands of wild Mustangs, Your Politics News has learned that Sen. Harry Reid, locked in a dead heat race to retain his U.S. Senate seat in Nevada and fighting for his political future, had a hand in what has become a serious animal rights issue.  The connection became apparent after following the money trail.  

The Mustang roundup is already under fire from Capitol Hill.  Late last week, the Bureau of Land Management announced that it has requested a formal review of its policies by the National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council.

The controversial Mustangs capture was put into action earlier this month. The first group of Mustangs reached the end of their stressful journey around 2:37pm. Now one of three fates await them; adoption, sterilization and release, or a captive life in tight pens. The Bureau of Land Management is also considering a fourth option: slaughter, but that has yet to be decided.

Most of the round-ups were held on private land so the public cannot witness broken legs, heat exhaustion, and deaths of little foals.

Following land records and campaign records, it turns out Senate Democratic leader Reid is connected to this event.

 In 1998 Harry Reid bought an undisturbed, undeveloped parcel of land for approximately $400,000. He also bought another parcel land with Jay Brown whom has been under investigation numerous times for numerous charges from bribery to connections with organized crime. In 2001 Reid sold for an estimated $1.1 million to a corporation created by Jay Brown. Sen. Harry Reid never disclosed the profit on his public ethics reports or the venture he had in Brown’s company. Instead he continued to falsely claim the land as his own. The senator then pushed for the property to be re-zoned for commercial purposes.

Harry Reid also had questionable ties and real-estate deals with Harvey Whittemore. Whittemore contributed big dollars to Reid’s campaign fund and employed many of his family members. Over time Harry Reid crushed all types of environmental regulations to allow Whittemore to cash in on the land. He is not alone, Reid has stood behind and used his position to make the mustang’s homeland, nothing more than “wasted land which should be utilized to better the commercial and real-estate industries”.

The last obstacle was to push through the power corridor. Reid insisted on a bill that relocated the power corridor and allowed close parties to develop the 10,500 acres that were previously under Congress’s control. This meant someone had to move out of somewhere to free up valuable land. The most “politically correct” option? The Mustang’s. They do not pay taxes or contribute to campaign funds, and if he could just convince someone they were damaging the land or were “over-populated,” he could rid them of the area. Ironically, Harry Reid shares the most intimate relationship with the Bureau of Land Management of any senator. Reid pushed and pleaded and eventually “a management plan” was put in place.

After approving of the wild Mustang’s getting rounded up by low flying, horribly noisy and frightening helicopters resulting in too many to count broken legs and ultimately euthanasia, Harry Reid released this statement: “We have a responsibility to preserve these icons of American West for future generations.”

Harry Reid noted the Bureau of Land Management hasn’t done “a particularly effective job.” He said the Bureau was not effective in keeping the Mustangs off valuable, newly zoned commercial land. So, to him, “effective” means making these majestic creatures run hundreds of miles, in brutal heat, over rocky terrain resulting in prolonged, excruciating deaths or a life of captivity surrounded by fear and inadequate nutrition at tax payers expense.

No wonder why Harry Reid says break a leg.

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LAS VEGAS, Nev. / As Republican Sharron Angle tightens the U.S. Senate race here, her supporters are calling on Majority Leader Harry Reid to attend a pair of rallies this weekend.

Tonight at 7:00, Angle will speak at the sold out Sean Hannity Freedom Concert at Orleans Arena, 4500 W. Tropicana Ave. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Michael W. Smith, and Charlie Daniels will perform. The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund has raised $10 million through Hannity’s listeners to help educate children of killed or disabled U.S. service members.

Angle’s supporters have grown increasingly disenchanted with Reid’s leadership, specifically after recent figures showed Nevada dead last in the country’s employment. Reid’s handling of federal stimulus money, as well as a recent admission by a former campaign manager that Reid took money from Reno brothel owner Joe Conforte.
“Reid would do well to show up at one of these freedom rallies to let Nevadans know he stands with them,” said supporter Phyllis Coffee of the Angle Action Network. But as he’s done his entire career, Reid will probably play partisan politics and sit this one out.”
David Walnut of Nevada, who has voted for Reid three times, said the Senator “should wow everybody by giving an impromptu speech at the event.”
Since the recession, Nevada’s jobless rate has skyrocketed to 21.5 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bureau estimated 200,000 residents to be without work. Reid has committed federal stimulus money toward saving teaching and public service positions, but to little satisfaction for Nevada’s conservative base.
Rasmussen Reports surveys from July showed Nevada voters favored Harry Reid over Sharron Angle by a slim margin (45% to 43%). Angle’s primary win for the GOP puts Reid in a position to fight the toughest political fight of his career. He’s held his Senate seat since 1987.

Angle will give a second speech this weekend during Saturday’s Restoring Honor Rally, also in Las Vegas, at 8:00 a.m.

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