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RENO, Nev. / As the dangerous temperatures and humidity soared, the Bureau of Land Management rounded up thousands of wild Mustangs, Your Politics News has learned that Sen. Harry Reid, locked in a dead heat race to retain his U.S. Senate seat in Nevada and fighting for his political future, had a hand in what has become a serious animal rights issue.  The connection became apparent after following the money trail.  

The Mustang roundup is already under fire from Capitol Hill.  Late last week, the Bureau of Land Management announced that it has requested a formal review of its policies by the National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council.

The controversial Mustangs capture was put into action earlier this month. The first group of Mustangs reached the end of their stressful journey around 2:37pm. Now one of three fates await them; adoption, sterilization and release, or a captive life in tight pens. The Bureau of Land Management is also considering a fourth option: slaughter, but that has yet to be decided.

Most of the round-ups were held on private land so the public cannot witness broken legs, heat exhaustion, and deaths of little foals.

Following land records and campaign records, it turns out Senate Democratic leader Reid is connected to this event.

 In 1998 Harry Reid bought an undisturbed, undeveloped parcel of land for approximately $400,000. He also bought another parcel land with Jay Brown whom has been under investigation numerous times for numerous charges from bribery to connections with organized crime. In 2001 Reid sold for an estimated $1.1 million to a corporation created by Jay Brown. Sen. Harry Reid never disclosed the profit on his public ethics reports or the venture he had in Brown’s company. Instead he continued to falsely claim the land as his own. The senator then pushed for the property to be re-zoned for commercial purposes.

Harry Reid also had questionable ties and real-estate deals with Harvey Whittemore. Whittemore contributed big dollars to Reid’s campaign fund and employed many of his family members. Over time Harry Reid crushed all types of environmental regulations to allow Whittemore to cash in on the land. He is not alone, Reid has stood behind and used his position to make the mustang’s homeland, nothing more than “wasted land which should be utilized to better the commercial and real-estate industries”.

The last obstacle was to push through the power corridor. Reid insisted on a bill that relocated the power corridor and allowed close parties to develop the 10,500 acres that were previously under Congress’s control. This meant someone had to move out of somewhere to free up valuable land. The most “politically correct” option? The Mustang’s. They do not pay taxes or contribute to campaign funds, and if he could just convince someone they were damaging the land or were “over-populated,” he could rid them of the area. Ironically, Harry Reid shares the most intimate relationship with the Bureau of Land Management of any senator. Reid pushed and pleaded and eventually “a management plan” was put in place.

After approving of the wild Mustang’s getting rounded up by low flying, horribly noisy and frightening helicopters resulting in too many to count broken legs and ultimately euthanasia, Harry Reid released this statement: “We have a responsibility to preserve these icons of American West for future generations.”

Harry Reid noted the Bureau of Land Management hasn’t done “a particularly effective job.” He said the Bureau was not effective in keeping the Mustangs off valuable, newly zoned commercial land. So, to him, “effective” means making these majestic creatures run hundreds of miles, in brutal heat, over rocky terrain resulting in prolonged, excruciating deaths or a life of captivity surrounded by fear and inadequate nutrition at tax payers expense.

No wonder why Harry Reid says break a leg.


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