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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. / Charlie Crist, who disenchanted the GOP when he left the party earlier this year to run for U.S. Senate as an independent candidate, hit the airwaves this week with a political ad featuring the governor fitting together giant letters from the words ‘Democrats’ and ‘Republicans’ to form ‘Americans.’

“As an independent, I will take the best ideas of Democrats and Republicans to get things done,” Crist says in the 30-second spot, before he launches the letter T across the room, a possible symbolic swipe at the GOP’s tea party movement supporters.

“The case can certainly be made that Charlie Crist is saying ‘to heck with the tea party’ through this ad,” Erica Lihne, an advertising consultant and strategist with a St. Petersburg-based firm, told Your Politics News.

Crist has steadily distanced himself from his former Republican base since he announced his independent run earlier this summer. What do you think? Your Politics News invites you to watch the Charlie Crist ad and take the poll.


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