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WASHINGTON / The Fox News mantra is ‘fair and balanced.’  On some days, critics would argue that the network barely lives up.  But they apparently don’t even try on ‘Fox News Sunday’ say media analysts who watched the fledgling program today as the Sunday show welcomed Rod Blagojevich, the guest the program has  heavily promoted for several days.

“From the get-go Chris Wallace hammered Blagojevich as if Chris wanted to get him to incriminate himself,” says Seth Stein, a retired TV news analyst now living in Wisconsin.  “Wallace questioned the former governor as if he had the role of a prosecutor–not a journalist.”

The interview with Blagojevich was a big ‘get’ for the Sunday morning news program which is among the lowest rated of the Sunday morning news programs.  In advance of the interview, Wallace appeared on numerous other Fox News programs promoting the upcoming interview promising it would be good.

Last week, jurors refused to convict Blagojevich on any corruption charge he faced and there were 23 of them–including the much publicized allegations that he tried to sell the U.S. Senate seat that Barack Obama vacated when he was elected president.  Blagojevich was convicted on only one charge: lying to the federal government  five years ago.  Blagojevich says it is not true and he would appeal.

Blagojevich and his PR reps granted interviews to only a handful of media outlets–‘Fox News Sunday’ was one of them.

“It’s sad when a news outlet and a news anchor are more interested in making news than covering news that their judgment becomes clouded,” says Sam Black, a retired media critic who watched the program from Phoenix.  “Chris Wallace completely missed the story and it reflected poorly on him–not the governor.  He approached the interview as if Blagojevich was guilty.  That’s so wrong.”

On the networks own site, FoxNews.com, Mardan’51 writes: “I think Wallace went beyond the call of duty when He tried to Play Prosecuter on Sundays show! There is so much more to this story and they are trying to silence Rod in the worst way!  So to make it Short, I won’t be watching Wallace, anymore !!!”

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