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Harry Reid attacks Sharron Angle in latest ad


RENO, Nev. / Tea Party supporters of U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle say they’re disgusted with incumbent Sen. Harry Reid’s latest campaign ad, which attacks Angle for saying “we really have spoiled our citizenry” through extended unemployment benefits.  

Reid’s 30-second advertisement features a jobless Nevada resident who resents the term “spoiled.” Angle apologized for her word choice during an interview last month. Since then her opponent has characterized Angle as a heartless, out-of-touch politician, says one supporter. 

“How does Harry Reid have any room to talk about the unemployed? He’s part of the reason my son hasn’t worked in over a year,” said Wanda Riggins, a mother of a laid-off emergency responder in Searchlight, Reid’s birthplace. 

The latest unemployment numbers put Nevada at the nation’s worst in job losses. The state’s jobless rate through the second quarter stands at 21.5 percent, which has left about 200,000 residents without work, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Last month, Harry Reid pushed through a $26 billion bill to help retain 300,000 teachers and police officers, but comes as little consolation to some of those collecting unemployment benefits. 

Dallas Gowdy, a small business owner forced to close his family restaurant in Reno earlier this year, said Reid’s bill “came way too late for the little guy. And here I thought Nevada had the most thriving economy in the country.” 

Gowdy has since thrown his support behind Angle, and believes Reid’s Republican challenger will bring some fresh leadership to the Senate. The general election will take place November 2.


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