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LAS VEGAS, Nev. / Does U.S. Senate Candidate Sharron Angle’s affinity for the Church of Scientology affect her feelings towards beer and alcohol? 

With the election less than a week away in a Republican primary where the biggest issue is who can beat Majority Leader Harry Reid in the general election, Angle’s apparent fringe views and the fact that they are out of step with mainstream voters is becoming a big issue for her–and for voters, apparently.

Last month YOUR POLITICAL NEWS filed an Open Records Request with Angle’s campaign to find out the scope of her connection to the Church of Scientology and whether that association may have been enhanced by gifts or favors from the Church.

Sharron Angle has yet to respond.

Now her views on drinking alcohol are coming to light.

Just four years ago, Angle said the following about beer drinking:  “I have a very well-developed sense of right and wrong,” she continued, “so I would say to you that it’s not a political thing with me, but a character thing.”

Now, with her views that apparently show she would favor a ban on beer and booze in a state that is home to world-class casinos that rely on them, some voters in that state wonder whether her views on beer is connected to her involvement with the Church.

“Sharron Angle has been able to fly under the radar without any scrutiny,” says “James” on a blog.  “Now that people are actually examining her record she doesn’t hold up!”

Says “Karen”: “Nevada will be a national embarrassment if this crazy woman wins. If Angle wins, it will be six more years of Harry Reid… Yikes!  Angle absolutely frightens me with her extreme views (including Scientology) and I can see why TIME magazine feels that Reid can easily beat her.”

Angle’s connection with the Church of Scientology has come under great scrutiny in Nevada.  As a state lawmaker, she lobbied fellow lawmakers to bring a controversial program created by the Church of Scientology to the state but never revealed the Church’s connection.  It didn’t have a prayer once word leaked that the Church of Scientology was behind it.

Sue Lowden, another candidate for U.S. Senate, is vehemently opposed to any ban on booze.

“I would say this is another example of Sharron Angle being a convenient conservative,” Robert Uithoven said. “Adults should be trusted to drink responsibly, not have the government make that choice for them. … [Angle’s remarks] completely contradict the personal responsibility of what our party stands for.”

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