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PRNewsChannel named 'Best Overall Newswire' by YOUR POLITICS NEWS.


WASHINGTON / With mid-term campaigning in full swing, the political news Web site YourPoliticsNews.com put press release distribution companies to the test and selected PRNewsChannel as the best overall press release distribution site. 

YourPoliticsNews.com examined price, reach, impact and customer service in a side-by-side comparison of PRNewswire, Businesswire, PRNewsChannel and Marketwire, the leading press release distribution companies. 

It’s a huge victory for PRNewsChannel, the newcomer in press release distribution, given that the other sites are well established and better known. 

But YourPoliticsNews.com found that “name recognition makes no difference with journalists because journalists don’t know one newswire from another.  What really matters is whether the press release is written well and gets to the right people and PRNewsChannel makes sure that both happen.” YOUR POLITICS NEWS also found PRNewsChannel offers the best price, and elected the press release distribution company ‘Best Overall Newswire.’ 

“It’s incredible news and we didn’t even campaign for it,” says Glenn Selig, who founded PRNewsChannel in 2007 and is now the president and CEO of Selig Multimedia, Inc. “We do quite a few press release distributions for politicians, political parties and political causes. We hope this designation earns us even more business from the world of politics no matter the party affiliation.” 

The independent examination of the press release distribution companies by YourPoliticsNews.com found that while PRNewsChannel costs 33% less than its competitors, the results achieved by the newswires were comparable. 

“In terms of online pickups and calls from news media outlets, PRNewsChannel performed just as well as any of the more expensive press release distribution services,” wrote YOUR POLITICS NEWS in naming PRNewsChannel the ‘Best Overall Newswire.’ 

YourPoliticsNews.com also finds the client service at PRNewsChannel to be exceptional because the company offers “personalized service that was patiently delivered.” The political Web site said though the other companies answered questions, more often than not “they were collectively reluctant to answer specific questions that they apparently believed should be answered by a company marketing person or a PR firm.” 

All three competitors performed better than PRNewsChannel in providing press release analytics. YourPoliticsNews.com said that “although it is an important feature, it is not a vital measure because of Google analytics. The true test for a press release is how many calls you get and how many pickups you have, rather than how many people may have viewed a particular press release,” according to the political website. 

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