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1992 Reid Letter Lowden

1992 letter obtained by YOUR POLITICS NEWS.


LAS VEGAS, Nev. / In a campaign which has focused almost entirely on who can defeat Harry Reid, a 1992 letter signed by Sen. Harry Reid himself may be the strongest proof to date that candidate Sue Lowden represents the biggest threat to the Majority Leader and his dream of winning another six year term.  

Going into election day tomorrow for the Republican nomination in the Nevada U.S. Senate race, it’s become a tight three-way race headed for a photo finish.   

In this letter written to the Illinois Gaming Board,  Reid laments the less than stellar work and his disappointment with the Gaming Control Board in a decision that involved Sue Lowden and her husband Paul, whom he had come to know very well over the years.    

In the letter, obtained by YOUR POLITICS NEWS, Reid writes:  “I have come to know Paul Lowden personally.  I have also been acquainted with his wife, Sue.  I have found them to be honest in all their dealings with me.  I highly recommend Paul Lowden and his company.”  

(Read the October 5, 1992 letter from Harry Reid to the Illinois Gaming Board.)  

In a campaign for the Republican nomination that has focused almost entirely on who would offer the biggest challenge to Reid in the general election, this letter may provide Lowden the most powerful argument yet that she is that person.   

“There has been a lot of talk that Reid was quietly doing what he could to improve the profile of Sharron Angle–a highly conservative, almost fringe part of the Republican party tied closely with the Church of Scientology,” says S. Mark Gorgons, a former Republican strategist.  “I am certain Harry Reid does not want to explain this letter as he tries to rip Lowden apart as part of a campaign.  It’s more expedient to do away with her now and do what he can to make sure he doesn’t have to face her.  If I were him I’d do what I could to get Angle or Danny Tarkanian elected.  Given this letter, I would want to face anyone but Lowden.”  

Lowden, once a comfortable front-runner for the Republican nomination, finds herself in a very tight three-way race that polls show is too close to call.  The reportedly Reid backed Angle, is currently ahead in the polls.  

“If Reid is responsible for pushing Angle, what this shows is Reid is a powerful candidate who can work political deals and manipulate the public even when it involves the other party,” says Gorgons.  “If enough people believe that Reid is behind Angle’s success because Reid fears going head-to-head with Lowden, then that’s huge.”  

Gorgons believes the letter is powerful because it shows Reid’s apparent true feelings about Lowden and helps the public understand why he would worry most about running against her.   

“This letter could be an eleventh hour game changer.  But can Lowden’s people get the word out quickly enough.”


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