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Harry Reid US SenateThe following is a letter to ‘Your Politics News’ and its editors that we are publishing in its entirety:

Normally a struggling business turns to advertisement and cost cuts to get back on its feet. I have lived in Las Vegas for 26 years and I see our city and state as a struggling business. As a registered voter, mother, grandmother and out-of-work wife, I have prayed for change in our state and our spending.

Typically I don’t feel as though my vote is going to make much of a difference or that I have any good choices. This is just how I felt as this years’ candidates began their endless disgraceful television and radio ads bashing their opponents.

Harry Reid tried to portray Sharron Angle as extreme and simply put, crazy. Sharron Angle shined the light on Reid’s love affair of big spending and Wall Street.

At first I ignored both and figured I’d make a last minute snap decision. So for months I’ve been drowning out the “he/she bologna” and didn’t think a thing about either candidate.

That was until the night of the debate when my husband (God bless him) insisted on watching his hero, Harry Reid.

Having only one television in our small ranch and no current reading material, I was stuck. It was during that hour I had my first political epiphany.

Harry Reid has absolutely ruined the state of Nevada. There was no denial of his relationship with big banks and big money for himself and his family. Months ago I lost my job and when Reid made countless public announcements that he understood and was trying to improve our economy and was concerned I believed him.

Well the hell with that. Was he that concerned as he laid his head down that night in his luxurious Ritz Carlton condo? He struck me as old, frail, and a con. He tells us one thing and then admits, in front of hundreds of struggling Nevadans that he sides with Obama, he sides with banks and he sides with the government that is destroying social security and our economy.

The second thing that surprised me was Sharron Angle is not extreme and she certainly isn’t crazy. She was lied about and her words were manipulated, he however, was simply exposed.

Sharron Angle has a plan to give us hope, jobs and choices. She is also willing to stand-up to the people and companies that have contributed to our demise. She genuinely seems to care about us and couldn’t careless about “the big guys.”

After the debate was over my husband asked me if I had his [Reid’s] vote. Well then the argument started. I asked him how on earth he would support a man that has directly impacted our home in such negative ways. For heaven’s sake my daughter almost lost her home and if it hadn’t been for a miracle promotion and thirty extra hours of work a week, we’d have four more people crammed into my one bedroom ranch. His response was all the backing Reid has and he is in a position financially to help us.

He pointed out that Sig Rogish whom is a known Republican has began a organization to support Reid and he must be a great public servant if his opposing party was supporting him. Being the typical woman I am I was determined to win this argument so I immediately researched this Sig guy.

HA! Talk about corrupt. “Does the Desert Xpress mean anything to you” I said. Clearly this spoiled rotten, backstabbing millionaire wanted his little train built so he can make a few more million dollars and his relationship with Reid was the answer. My husband struggling for a response explained to me     exactly why a train was “needed.” 

As I read more about this whole high speed train deal it made less and less sense. The idea that Southern Californians who are already in their cars and driving up I-15 will pull off at Victorville (about 2.5 hours from the Strip) and take a train that will go maybe 60-70 MPH faster than they can drive?

A train that will drop them at the Plaza where they will have to hop a cab to the Strip? Which will get them to their hotel about the same time they would have if they just kept driving? No chance. Not to mention the train won’t be free and wherever you’ll need to leave your car won’t be free either.

And what happened to the $8-million Obama granted for high speed rail project such as Harry’s original plan of the Maglev?

He probably bought himself a Porsche and gave Nevada a few new garbage cans. In my opinion this is a money making deal for two greedy crooked men. With my husband speechless and me feeling quite proud of turning my small amount of knowledge into a valid and enraging point, I smiled and headed back to the internet for more job searching.

Later that night I got a sent an email from my Reid hating daughter and I laughed myself to sleep with this email and a feeling of finally being proud and content with my vote for Sharron Angle.

The email from my daughter:

“Mom here’s my thought’s on this crooks speech…

“Er, where’s my notes . . . er, lots of paper . . . er, colonoscopies . . . er, really good to snip that stuff off . . . er, tonight you heard what my opponents supports: big banks . . . what? we didn’t talk about that? . . . BP . . . she likes BP . . . no, wait, insurance companies . . . my dad was bigger than me . . . extreme her . . . fighter me . . . er, what else did that guy tell me say . . . Jobs! . . .that’s it, jobs, jobs . . . said it . . . good, good . . . small business . . . where am I? . . . er, thanks Mitch.”

Mary from Las Vegas, Nev.


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LAS VEGAS, Nev. / Following a recent expose in the LAS VEGAS SUN that raises questions about a failed multi-million land deal Danny Tarkanian helped finance and how that failure squares with the image of a successful businessman he sells on the campaign trail, are new questions about how the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate managed to secure millions of dollars without ever having to meet with a single banker.

Government regulators shut down that savings and loan, La Jolla Bank, in February.

Your Politics Now asks whether there may be something else going because a bank does not typically loan millions of dollars to a man and his company and never ask to see him.

The land deal in question goes back to 2007, at the height of the building and real estate boom, and right before it went bust. Dignitary Downs, a resort for equestrians in Anza, Calif. was to include a hotel and jockey school. Tarkanian used his family’s company as collateral to borrow millions from the bank and then lent the money to the developer at a higher interest rate.

But the project failed when the developer ran out of money.

To this day, Tarkanian’s family company still owes $14.5 million. He’s suing the federal government to save his company’s land from foreclosure.

In the lawsuit, Tarkanian admits he signed the La Jolla Bank paperwork presented to him by a friend and business partner “without ever meeting, discussing or negotiating with anyone affiliated with La Jolla Bank.”

Industry experts wonder how Tarkanian could not have known that engaging in such a deal without ever meeting with the bank would be wrong and shady.

“This is pretty basic stuff that banks tend to want to meet the people they’re loaning millions of dollars to,” says James O’Sullivan, a retired banking executive now living in Colorado. “How could anyone not know that wasn’t right?”

O’Sullivan says Tarkanian should’ve questioned the apparent coziness between the bank and business associate. There is no information to date that would suggest Tarkanian had any direct connection to the bank.

“This, quite frankly, doesn’t pass the smell test for me. Him suing the federal government when he should never have signed the documents under such suspicious circumstances in the first place seems particularly strange,” says O’Sullivan.

Tarkanian is presenting himself as the only Republican candidate who can beat Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid in the general election.

But now with this scandal, some, like Joseph P. Smith of Carson City, wonder whether he’s just Reid wearing red.

“If we know about this now, I do worry about what I don’t know about him.”

According to a new poll conducted for the LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL and released today, Sue Lowden has the best chance of defeating Reid: Lowden would win 42 percent of the vote and Reid 39 percent.

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