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some casting ballots early are reporting voting problems in Nevada, saying the name of "Harry Reid" is already checked before they make any selection.

Some casting ballots early are reporting voting problems in Nevada, saying the name of "Harry Reid" is already checked before they make any selection.

With polls showing the race for the U.S. Senate in Nevada can go either way and less than a week before voters go to the polls in mass numbers, some casting ballots early are reporting voting problems in Nevada, saying the name of “Harry Reid” is already checked before they make any selection.

A report on KVVU, Fox in Las Vegas, talks about the Nevada voting problems, and mentions a voter named Joyce Ferrara, who had gone to vote to cast a ballot for Sharron Angle, a Republican, but discovered that the name of Angle’s opponent, Harry Reid, had been clicked instead.

Ferrara told the television station that she was not alone–that her husband and several others had similar experiences and it wasn’t random.

“Something’s not right,” Ferrara told KVVU. “One person that’s a fluke. Two, that’s strange. But several within a five minute period of time — that’s wrong.”

Other voters, no matter where their support was, told YOUR POLITICS NEWS that the election should be fair and any type of voter irregularity voting problem in Nevada is unacceptable.

“I support Harry Reid but I don’t want him to win like this,”  Cindy Jaffe from Henderson says. 

Jaffe would not reveal her name, but described herself as a ‘senior citizen’ who has voted for Harry Reid in the past.  But she says if this a widespread Nevada voting problem, she would look at it as a threat to democracy and to the system. 

“If the default is Harry Reid that’s disturbing because some people won’t go back and double-check.  Especially older voters like me.”

The Clark County Registrar of Voters insists there is no voter fraud and chalked up the Nevada voting problem issue to sensitive touch-screens and older users.

Nevada voting problems? Registrar reaction

“Especially in a community with elderly citizens (they have) difficulty in (casting their) ballot,” Larry Lomax of the Registrar’s office told KVVU.  “Team leaders said there were complaints (and the) race filled in.”

He recommended that voters pay close attention to what they are pushing and for how long they are holding down the button after they make a selection.

Lomax downplayed any insinuation that there is any tampering that would benefit Harry Reid or Sharron Angle.

“This election, I think, more than ever… the two sides are very fractured and each side is suspicious and we’re caught in the middle.”

One website is already suggesting that Sharron Angle file a lawsuit now over the irregularities.

“Sharron Angle should start filing the lawsuits right now. Then again, so should Harry Reid,” opined the website Truth-out.org.  “However, it might be a bit more difficult politically for the Senate majority leader, given the undeserved support Reid has shown in the past for Nevada’s 100 percent unverifiable, error-prone, hackable, illegally-certified, electronic voting systems the state forces all voters to use at the polling place.”

Nevada voting problems: Are there others?

In another development, a lawyer for the Nevada Republican Party called on Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller to investigate discrepancies and resolve multiple issues regarding early voting.

In a letter delivered yesterday, David O’Mara cites several discrepancies he says his poll watchers have noted in Clark and Washoe counties.

Voting logs that compare the number of voters who signed in and the number of ballots cast on the voting machines don’t appear to jive.

Voter registrars have said they are human transcribing errors and involve only one or two votes.  They insist the machines are not to blame.

The race for the U.S. Senate in Nevada is one of the most watched races this election cycle.  Not only is the race so close, but Harry Reid is the Senate Majority Leader, and as such is the highest ranking Democrat in the U.S. Senate.


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